==This is the begging for my story The Harsh Mojave. == "Psst NCR get over here" whispered Ermac trying not to get caught by the marines walking around. -NCR scurries over to his friend- "Okay, the plan is I will go find three soldiers to go put in the vault" Exclaimed Ermac "No, I want you to pick the three people I call out okay, it might take you a while to find them" said NCR "Ino, Zombie, and Tremor they are good soldiers" said NCR "Are you crazy there just recruits?!" said Ermac "That’s why you’re going with them, someone’s got to hold off these forces I will hold them off long enough for you to find them, now go you don't have long" said NCR -Ermac runs off to find the soldiers- "you three soldiers are you Ino, Zombie, And Tremor. "YES SIR!" the three of them yelled out.