Fast travel into Scorpion Gulch and find the wastelander who is either already dead or about to get attacked by Bark Scorpions. If he is alive wait until the scorpions have killed him and then search the body for a 'Sunset Sarsaparilla Star Bottle Cap'. Fast travel to Novac and wait three days, then fast travel back to Scorpion Gulch and repeat the process. The wastelander will always have a star cap on him whether he is alive or dead and you can keep repeating the process until you have gained the 50 caps which are needed for the 'The Legend of the Star' side quest.

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Guide to remnants power armor. (NOTE: this is copied off of my own my blog, That I made I am outcast brotherhood and no this is not two accounts I got my name changed. That is my other blog lol.)

- Original model of Enclave's advanced power armor, which showed in fallout 2 Location to remnants power armor -deathclaw promontory found in the unmarked location, which is found across the river east of Cliffside Prospector Camp (only the armor, no helmet).dangerous groups of deathclaws at the location, so take caution and lock and load. Armor is located in the southeast corner of the area on one of two armor clad dead skeletons found lying near one another. The other corpse is wearing t-51b power armor. The bodies may not be present, waiting hours or days (a safe distance away and returning) can reload the map cell allowing the bodies (and the deathclaws to respawn). Saving, waiting, and then loading your save will cause them to appear (CAUTION YOU ARE WARNED: It may also cause all nearby Deathclaws to appear, too).

-Silver Peak Mine the helmets can be found in the North West corner, on the upper level. It is behind a gate, next to a skeleton. PLEASE TAKE NOTICE: The Mine is also a home to the highly dangerous Legendary Cazador as well as numerous others of the Cazador family too, so enter with CAUTION. -you get The full set will as an reward along with Power Armor Training at the Remnants Bunker by doing one of the parts listed: killing Orion Moreno and taking it, convincing him to stay and gaining it from Daisy, or by taking too Cannibal Johnson when he storms out. Refer to For Auld Lang Syne for further details. If you convince Arcade Gannon not to fight when you leave the bunker, he will give you the Gannon family Tesla armor. You can also obtain the Tesla armor by failing to convince him not to fight, and subsequently killing him when he approaches you.

-During the final conflict at Hoover Dam, only after completing For Auld Lang Syne and having the Enclave Remnants help the NCR, Cannibal Johnson will appear in the armor while armed with a mini-gun and will follow you to fight Legate Lanius. After he dies, you can take his armor and use it in the final battle versus Lanius. Orion Moreno also wears this armor armed with a Gatling Laser.