This is a charecter of Fallout: New Vegas. A good game for the xbox 360 if you ask me :D. Here is some info about them (shown below)

NCR troopers main foot soldiers for the NCR in the Mojave wasteland during 2281.

NCR Elite Ranger (so beast!)

The foundation of the New California Republic Army, the troopers are men and women who have either volunteered or have been conscripted to serve in the NCR military as the hammer of the Republic. Their backgrounds, level of training, equipment, and even loyalty vary widely amongst the thousands of troopers. However, the fact that the NCR fields a substantial army all equipped with firearms has given the NCR the edge in numerous wars. Unfortunately, the Mojave Campaign pitted the NCR against a determined foe: Caesar's Legion. Though the bulk of Caesar's warriors were forced to do battle with crude blades against NCR riflemen, their superior conditioning, fearlessness, and great numbers have forced the NCR into defensive positions. [1]Added by NCR Trooper ReznovThe Republic has been hard pressed to deploy enough troops to the Mojave, where the sheer size of the territory requires a great number of personnel to properly secure it. Coupled with the rising death toll at the hand of the legionaries, the NCR's position is swiftly becoming tenuous. To make matters worse, the NCR's most experienced soldiers are being killed daily, leaving naught but recruits rushed out of training into battle. As a result, the NCR is forced to deal with sagging morale and daily reductions in their troop strength

EQUIPMENT Many different NCR troopers

The standard NCR trooper's uniform is one of the several variants of NCR armor. Composed of a khaki tunic with bellowed hip pockets and khaki breeches, worn with a desert facewrap and hardened leather pauldrons, black leather fingerless gloves, arm wraps, brown boots and khaki puttees. The uniform was designed to resist the rigors of the desert and long campaigns.

The main protection provided by their uniform comes from the thick leather breastplate that covers the torso and the layers of fabric over the arms and legs. Their armor is robust enough to withstand knife strikes and small-caliber firearms, but provides feeble protection from the weapons commonly used by their enemies.

An average soldier in the NCR army is issued with a service rifle (service rifle is like an M-16). A 9mm pistol is provided as a sidearm. Given its reliability, ease of manufacture, and firepower, the service rifle is ideal for the grueling war in the Mojave. However, due to logistical troubles and supply shortages, not all troopers can be issued with a service rifle, and instead, must make do with whatever firearm is available. The reason NCR Trooper is in my name (profile name) is because Fallout: New Vegas is like my favorite game in the world it is just so much fun (untill you beat the game lol).