The war

The year is 1950 and a nuclear war has happened and 3 soldiers were sent to be frozen in a vault to live through the nukes. "You three soldiers, you are going in the vault I want some people to survive this nuclear war!" said Ermac pacing quickly. "But were just nothing but recruits, sir!" said Ino. "These times are rough but I know you three are the ones to go in that vault" said Ermac still pacing. "Okay soldiers follow me we are going to the vault we need you in that vault a sap!” "Okay here is the vault now get in before it's too late" said Ermac. "Okay Tremor, Zombie, and Ino strap on to the machine well I activate it and set the date". "Are you coming with us Ermac?" asked Tremor. "Yes I am supposed to help you with whatever comes before us". "Okay date set here we go" Ermac said. Ermac hopped in and strapped in. "Here we go!!!" said Ermac.